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HML Recycling offer a flexible, bespoke service to meet your business needs.


We offer 24/7 availability, and are quick to respond at short notice, should the need arise.

All-Round Service

We offer a full all-round service, with expert advice and guidance throughout the process.


We offer the personal touch – this is what sets us apart, and means HML Recycling are industry leaders.


Some products, such as batteries, can be damaging for the environment. It is essential, and a legal obligation that businesses dispose of these items in accordance with the law. All businesses are liable for their own waste.

Our full-time dedicated Compliance Manager deals with all current legislation. We can give you expert advice and offer the safety assurance you need, so you can have confidence you are recycling correctly. By working with HML Recycling you have full security, and a personalised service that is fully adaptable to your needs.

Track, Traced and Reassured

ALL of HML Recycling’s fleet are fitted with full tracking and video recording software. This means you can view the end-to-end service, even if you can’t be present.

From collection, to transportation, weighing and payment – every aspect can be viewed, offering complete transparency for all plus a complete audit trail.

Real-time market prices

We understand that businesses have a variable amount of waste. This twinned with fluctuating market prices means it can be difficult to know what you will receive in return.

As part of our 100% assurance policy, we check market prices daily, meaning you can sell with peace of mind. We have multiple scales, which are regularly calibrated, and are trusted as an industry leader in scrap metal recycling.