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Ever wondered what happens to those aluminium pie trays after they go in the bin? The answer to that question has recently changed for the better thanks to a progressive new partnership between Clayton Park Bakery and HML Recycling.

The two Amazing Accrington companies are now working together to collect and recycle these trays. All the proceeds are going to a top local charity: Accrington Stanley Community Trust.

Accrington’s Clayton Park Bakery sells its famous pies all over the north of England. You can find them at important sporting venues like Liverpool Football Club, Accrington Stanley, Wigan, Preston North End, and many local convenience stores and SPAR shops. That’s a lot of pies, and a lot of aluminium pie trays.

Clayton Park has now teamed up with local metal recycling company, HML Recycling, to collect these trays, prevent them from going into landfill and making some money for a good cause.

Recycling aluminium is vital to achieving the UK’s climate change targets. Stuart Rogan, Managing Director of HML Recycling, explained:

“Producing new aluminium is very costly in terms of energy and environmental impact. One tonne of new material requires an eyewatering 22 megawatts of electricity per hour. To put it into context, that amount of electricity would power 300 houses for an entire day. On top of that there are lots of toxic by-products released into the environment.”

“Recycling aluminium uses a 20th of the energy. It has none of the toxic by-products and every tonne recycled saves 12 tonnes of Co2 from going into the atmosphere.”

So far, the project has raised £1000 for the Accrington Stanley Community Trust and it will be an ongoing process.

HML Recycling has a history of turning scrap metal into charitable donations. Last year they committed to raising money for the RSPCA and the Accrington based Maundy Relief.

Paul Bradley of Clayton Park Bakery, commented:

“We’re hoping this project will make a big difference, not only to the local area but also in a broader context. By sharing resources and working together, businesses can lead the way in protecting the environment and fighting climate change.”

Martin Fearon CEO of Accrington Stanley Community Trust said:

“We’re entirely self-funded so we’re very grateful to HML Recycling and Clayton Park Bakery for this donation. We will use the money to help promote healthy lifestyles in Accrington through our programme of sports and activities. Thank you!”

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